Discover what it was like to mine for Sapphires in the heart of Queensland’s gemfields with Bobby Dazzler Sapphire Mine Tours

Go underground at the famous Bobby Dazzler Sapphire mine and experience how the miners dug for their Sapphires buried in the hard rock of the Queensland gemfields.

Guided mine tours are run daily at the Bobby Dazzler Sapphire Mine.

You can also fossick in our own fossicking park or browse in our gift shop. You will enjoy true Queensland hospitality at Bobby Dazzler Sapphire Mine Tours.

We are easy to find!

You can’t miss the Bobby Dazzler Sapphire Mine … we’re just 200 metres from the Rubyvale Post Office and the Big Miner is waiting for you at the front gate.

Step back in time at the Bobby Dazzler Sapphire Mine and discover the world of the Queensland sapphire miner!

Gold Panning available…. call in and try your luck.. we assist you!